MH2MH cycle tour – Day 9

Portnoo/Narin to Malin Head

After an early start the tour follows the Gweebarra River in the morning heading up towards a climb into the magnificent hills and passes of the Glenveagh National Park. Coming out of the park there is a ferry over to Buncrana. From Buncrana this wild, rugged ride takes continues along some stunning, and ever so slightly windy, roads to the trip’s end point at Malin Head.  (Description based on route notes from Peak Tours).

Route from Portnoo/Narin to Malin Head (77 miles):

Route from Portnoo/Narin to Malin Head

Elevation profile (ascent 4934 feet):

Elevation profile from Portnoo/Narin to Malin Head
The morning of the last day was overcast with some light rain. Then after lunch the sun started to come out as we cycled over the hills and down alongside Drongawn Lough. We had a short wait at Rathmullan for the ferry to cross Drongawn Lough but not as long as the wait to get off the ferry at Buncrana. The ferry door would not go down as the hydraulics had failed. Fortunately after half an hour or so and a few barrels of hydraulic fluid they managed to get the door down and all of us off along with the crucial brew van! We had a brew van stop in the afternoon and an additional coffee shop stop to ensure we were all together before the final three miles to Malin Head. On arrival we had the usual photo call and champagne to celebrate the trip. In the evening we had a final group meal and even saw a short performance by the 2017 World Irish Dancing champions from a Belfast girl’s school as they happened to be at an event in the same hotel.
Thanks to Peak Tours for a fantastic trip and special thanks to Graham, Tony & Jeremy for all the great support over the trip.
Then the following morning there is coach transfer to Belfast airport for the flight home.

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