The Italian Job – day 6

Pistoia to Siena

This day’s route was a change over the previous year’s one that started with a bus to Florence and a shorter cycle ride. Instead the new itinerary is cycling from Pistoia on a challenging long route with some sharp climbs and descents. However, it is also a rewarding one with many fine views as the ride travels deep into the Chianti region and the Tuscany hills. The day ends with a rewarding evening in one of Italy’s finest cities, the wonderful Siena.  (Description based on route notes from Peak Tours).

Route from Pistoia to Siena (70 miles):

Elevation profile (ascent ~6000 feet):

A long, hot and difficult day! We were rewarded by great scenery, arrival in the fantastic Sienna and a really nice hotel a short walk from the centre but with beautiful view out into the countryside. From the hotel balcony you could hear the deer ‘barking’ in the morning and I even saw some running just below the hotel at dusk on the second day.

A few videos of the route.

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