The Italian Job – day 2

Bolzano to Riva del Garda

A very scenic day in the saddle, following the cycle path by the river away from Bolzano before climbing through orchards and vineyards with commanding views over the valley. A number of narrow country lanes that hug the hillside that offer great views throughout the day. Lots of cycle paths making the ride even more enjoyable, although there are some fiddly sections through Trento and Rovereto. At the end of the route there is spectacular vista that opens up over Lake Garda.  (Description based on route notes from Peak Tours).

Route from Bolzano to Riva del Garda (75 miles):

Elevation profile (ascent ~2800 feet):

At the start Andrew give out some Yorkie bars that John Short had sent on in his absence! Then we cycled out by the river before starting a climb up into the mountains. A great day of wonderful scenery followed by fantastic views down to Lake Garda and Riva del Garda at the end of the route. Then a few ‘boots’ of beer and some well-earned food at the lakeside.

A few videos of the route.

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