The Italian Job – day 10

Villagrande to Castrocaro

Leaving the hilltop hotel in Villagrande the route is a challenging day through the hills of Emilia-Romagna with fine views of the famous fortress at the top of San Leo in the morning. The whole area is popular with cyclists and the tough climbs in and around the foothills and beyond of this interesting area provide impressive and rewarding views and vista’s. The perfect antidote to the effort expended in the climbing is the destination of the thermal resort of Castrocaro and the hotel replete with its own thermal baths.  (Description based on route notes from Peak Tours).

Route from Villagrande to Castrocaro (57 miles):

Elevation profile (ascent ~5400 feet):

The elevation profile on this route does not do the day’s climbing justice! The scale is compressed due to the initial drop down from Villagarde but the climbs were challenging especially the later ones in the heat of the afternoon. Lots of great scenery again.

A few videos of the route.

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