D2CW cycle tour – Day 14

The last day! Durness to Cape Wrath (& back)

The last day is a short but hilly ride along a gravel track to Cape Wrath on mountain bikes. It requires a small ferry boat trip across the estuary (Kyle of Durness) to get to the road that leads to the lighthouse at Cape Wrath. The road is quiet as the only other vehicles are the minibus that takes people to the lighthouse and the occasional MOD vehicle. It is a wild uninhabited are but there is a café at the lighthouse that sells some refreshments. After a group photograph we will cycle back to the boat and then back to Durness. Then there is a 100 mile trip south by minibus to Inverness for a final evening meal. (Description based on route notes from Peak Tours).

Route from Durness to Cape Wrath (28 miles round trip):

Durness to Cape Wrath route map

We set of on our road bikes into the centre of Durness to get hired mountain bikes – an essential swap that we would soon realise was essential to cycle the Cape Wrath ‘road’. It was a few miles back down to the Kyle of Durness ferry and we went across in two groups with our mountain bikes. Then we saw the start of the road! Steep, potholed, grass turfs, loose gravel and large stones. Nevertheless, we all made it to the end and the lighthouse. Unfortunately you had to be within about 10 metres of the lighthouse to see it in the mist and at the cliff edge you could just make out the waves down below breaking on the rocks. We all got hot drinks and sandwiches at the ‘Ozone’ cafe, lined up for the required photocall and then set off back.
The mist was lifting as we reached the Kyle of Durness and we were in for a surprise as the tide was nearly fully out and the ferry boat had ‘shrunk’.
This smaller boat was still nearly grounding but somehow it managed to take 4 bikes in a pile on the front of it along with 4 people and the ferryman back to the Durness side. Later, despite the receding tide, the final boat for our group somehow managed to take 5 bikes and 5 cyclists as there was 21 of us cycling that day. Then it was a quick change in Durness village, some food and on the bus to Inverness where we had a last group meal in The Mustard Seed restaurant.
Overall this was a challenging but fantastic trip and congratulations to the group for making it all the way!
Thanks to Helen for the special prizes handed out at the final meal and to Peak Tours for a fantastic trip – especially Niv, Sam & Jeremy for being great guides & company.

View from Cape Wrath – you can just make out the waves below through the mist!

A rather full ferry boat!

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