D2CW cycle tour – Day 1

Dover to Brentwood

The cycle tour begins with a morning of undulating roads and gradual climbs heading away from Dover on narrow countryside lanes before venturing into the Kentish Downs. A tough first day until there is a break while taking the ferry across the Thames from Gravesend to Tilbury. After that there are a few climbs before the road flattens out and continues through more farmland and some nice villages.   (Description based on route notes from Peak Tours).

Route from Dover to Brentwood (83 miles):

Dover to Brentwood route map

After an introductory talk and group meal the evening before at the Dover Marina hotel we finally got started today! I got up early and had a short walk along the front with views up to the castle and back to the Dover Marina hotel, plus I saw a number of ferries sailing in & out of the harbour. Then we had group photo before setting of at 8:30. We were soon into the North Kent Downs which provided quiet routes through the undulating and wooded landscape. This kept us sheltered from the strong south westerly wind and although it threatened to rain most of the day we only ever got a few spots of rain and the sun made a rare appearance. After the mid-morning ‘brew van’ stop we continued on and had a good lunch stop at the ‘Dirty Habit’ pub and then through some suburban back roads to the Gravesend to Tilbury passenger ferry. The legs were a bit tired for the final 18 miles up to Brentwood. Then after a shower & rest it was a large plate of pasta carbonara and a couple of beers with some of the others on the trip.

On the Gravesend to Tilbury passenger ferry

PS I thought Kent & Essex were ‘flat’ but the route for this day involved a total of nearly 5000 feet of ascent!

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