C2M day 3

La Fleche to Loches

This is the second longest day of the tour but noticeably easier ride elevation wise. After crossing the picturesque river at La Fleche the route heads through the Loire region and the first ten miles are on some gently rising and falling long straight roads through forests and woodland. The lunch stop is just after the impressive chateau at Langeais and the afternoon’s route passes chateaux as well as the dwellings cut out of the rock (called “Tufa”) in the Troglodique valley of Groupillieres. Finally there is a really nice run in to Loches that feels like you’re cycling slightly downhill for a long time. (Description based on route notes from Peak Tours).

Route from La Fleche to Loches (79 miles):

La Fleche to Loches route map” width=

15th June 2015

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