C2M day 13

Moustier-Ste-Marie to Castellane

One of the most spectacular days cycling of the whole tour through the Gorges du Verdon. This stunning gorge is the 2nd largest gorge in the world after the Grand Canyon and makes for some truly memorable cycling. The azure waters of the Lac de Saint Croix marks the start of the glorious ascent to the top of the canyon. After lunch the route is mostly flat and downhill as the route takes us along the top of the gorge then down to the strikingly aquamarine Verdon River which the route follows all the way to Castellane. (Description based on route notes from Peak Tours).

Route from Moustier-Ste-Marie to Castellane (50 miles):

Moustier-Ste-Marie to Castellane route map

25th June 2015

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